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Frank Worth (1923–2000) was an American photographer best known for his candid and intimate photographs of Hollywood stars during the Golden Age of cinema. Born in New York City, Worth initially pursued a career as a cabaret singer before transitioning to photography. He became friends with numerous celebrities, capturing candid moments of iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and James Dean. Worth's photographs offer a rare and behind-the-scenes glimpse into the private lives of these Hollywood legends, showcasing his ability to capture the personalities and emotions of his subjects.


Frank Worth's work gained prominence through private collections and his images have been featured in various publications and exhibitions dedicated to the history of Hollywood and celebrity culture. Worth's contribution lies in his unique access to the stars and his talent for preserving genuine moments in the lives of some of the most celebrated figures in entertainment history. His photographs continue to be sought after for their historical significance and as valuable artifacts of the glamorous era of Hollywood's Golden Age.

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