Valdes, Manolo

Manolo Valdes is a leading Spanish painter born in 1942 in Valencia (Spain). He is credited with creating a new artistic movement, close to the pop movement, but with its own unique variations. Through his artwork, he learned to combine the social and political engagement with irony and humor.

Manolo Valdes began his studies in 1957 at the Escuela Bellas Artes de San Carlos de Valencia. But two years later, he left to school to devote entirely himself to his paintings.  In 1964, together with Joan Toledo and Rafael Solbes, Valdés formed the Equipo Crónica group.   For 17 years, the team introduced a new artistic language that combined social and political commitment of the authors with irony and humor.

After the death of his partner, Valdes continued his career in New York, which continues today, recreating his personal universe, reinterpreting the classical painters and experimenting with materials and techniques in the world of painting and the sculpture.  Between 1965 and 1981, Manolo Valdés participated in over sixty solo exhibitions.  Because of his talent, he is considered one of the most internationally renowned artists.

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