Pijuan, Joan Hernandez

Joan Hernández Pijuan, who was born in Barcelona in 1931 and who now lives part time in the Spanish countryside, began to paint at an early age. Joan Hernández Pijuan’s goals have never been descriptive or narrative. Instead, via the monochrome surface he emphasizes the handcraft behind the painted picture. With this approach he also separates painting as a medium from other “languages” of modern art. He dislikes the label of “artist” – he is a “painter” – as it says on his ID card.

The great independence he displays as a painter, in always working alone without direct links to various movements or trends, reveals a particular relationship to being an artist. In all probability we can say that the very best art emerges from this very type of obsession. Joan Hernández Pijuan’s art is indeed based on passion.