Longo, Robert

Robert Longo was born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York.  Longo was raised on suburban Long Island where as a youth he participated in various arts activities from a very young age. Longo developed an early fascination with all forms of mass media; especially movies, television, magazines, and comic books. Robert Longo’s works are filled with deep emotions that are both primitive and at the same time self-conscious. One of the quintessential artists of the 1980s, Longo’s “Men in the Cities” series portrays a group of sharply dressed businessmen writhing in contorted agony. Few artists have enjoyed the international visibility of Robert Longo and fewer still have generated as much thought -provoking commentary about their own art and about the state of contemporary culture at large.

His original art is immediately recognizable by many who have seen only few examples of it.  Robert Longo has exhibited in over 28 cities, across 4 continents and has been the subject of several major retrospects around the world.  His ability to capture detail and movement with just one color, black, conveys his sheer brilliance.