Haas, Richard

“I first became interested in printmaking as an undergraduate student of art at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I continued to explore in detail woodcutting and etching, while a graduate student, and then taught the medium for over fourteen years in colleges and Universities. The bite of an etched line as it absorbs and spreads ink is like no other. It exudes a sense of timeless authority which the line drawn on the surface cannot imitate. The same can be said for the black litho crayon line. The deep acquaint fields of grey and black as well as the brushed effects of touché on the stone are equally strong in their effect. This is why I will continue to be intrigued by these media even as the “new” reproductive techniques arrive and seek to displace them.”
Richard Haas received a B.S., from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee & an M.F.A., from University of Minnesota. For over 40 years his work has been shown extensively in solo and group shows throughout the USA. Richard Haas has art work in the Permanent Collections of: Brooklyn Museum of Art, Hudson River Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Michigan State University, Milwaukee Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art, National Academy of design, New York Public Library, Smith College Museum, St. Louis Art Museum, Walker Art Center, Whitney Museum of American Art, Yale University Art Gallery and others. He has completed over 38 commissions for Private Individuals, Corporations, and Schools. A few of these pieces can be seen at Coca-Cola World Headquarter, American Wing, Atlanta, GA. Smithsonian Institution, Sackler Museum Complex, Washington DC., Western Savings & Loan Association Corporate Headquarters, Phoenix, AZ. Citibank International Banking Division, Citicorp Center, NY, and many others across the USA.