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Antes, Horst

Horst Antes was born in Germany in 1936 and studied under the important woodcutter HAP Grieshaber. By 1959, the artist’s work was honored with two prizes – the art prize of the city of Hanover and the Pankofer prize on the occasion of the German […]

Baechler, Donald

Celebrated American artist Donald Baechler, born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1956, was increasing recognized as a powerful presence in the contemporary art world. His paintings are rendered with a conscious sense of naiveté which combine a childish innocence with stealth sophistication. His trademark surfaces are thick […]

Balkenhol, Stephan

Stephan Balkenhol was born in 1957 in Fritzlar, Hesse, Germany and studied art at the Hamburg School of Fine Arts known for its Minimalist and Conceptualist profile.  His first figures appeared in 1983 as a reaction to these artistic practices that celebrated either abstract formalism […]


Banksy is a street (graffiti) artist from Bristol, UK, whose artwork initially appeared in public spaces throughout London, though has since been found all over the world.  Despite that his artwork is widely known, the artist is not.  Banksy carefully manages to keep his real […]

Barnet, Will

The distinguished American painter, printmaker, and teacher Will Barnet has been an important influence on the art world for close to eight decades. During his long career he has created art that ranges from classical figuration to abstraction; he has worked in many styles—often outside […]

Bartlett, Jennifer

Jennifer Bartlett is a painter whose process-oriented works have defined her distinct and shifting style. After earning an MFA at Yale University, Bartlett moved to New York and soon became part of the artistic conversation of the late 60s and 70s. Influenced by Sol Lewitt’s, […]

Baselitz, Georg

Georg Baselitz was born Hans Georg Kern on January 23, 1938, in Deutschbaselitz, in what was later East Germany.  In 1956, Baselitz moved to East Berlin, where he studied painting at the Hochschule für bildende und angewandte Kunst. After being expelled, he studied from 1957 […]

Bleckner, Ross

Ross Bleckner was born in New York City and was raised in Hewlett, NY, a Long Island suburb. Mr. Bleckner received a Bachelor of Arts from New York University in 1971, a Master of Fine Arts from Cal Arts in 1973, and taught at many […]

Bosman, Richard

A major figure in what has been called both new expressionism and the figurative expressionism movement; Richard Bosman’s arresting images are often enigmatic and disturbing. He utilizes a single-frame, stop-action technique derived from both film and the comic strip. Many of Bosman’s paintings and prints […]

Bourgeois, Louise

    In 2010, Louise Bourgeois, the French-born American artist who gained fame late in her long career, died in New York at the age of 98. Bourgeois worked with a wide variety of materials — wood, steel, stone and cast rubber — to create […]